negotiations diy

international building
and interior exhibition
"City Build Russia 2017"
september 26-27, 2017

The exhibition will be negotiating session DIY with key persons responsible for the purchase of retail chains, construction companies and shops, with the producers and distributors of construction materials.
negotiations with the buyers DIY- it is a unique opportunity to hold direct talks with the representatives of industry and sign lucrative contracts.
preferential registration
  • commercial negotiations with the networks and construction companies on the supply;
  • Communication with top officials;
  • The strengthening of relations with the networks;
  • The individual presentation of its new products;
  • Getting feedback from potential partners;
  • without spending time searching for buyers and business trips, spend more than 20 talks on the supply of one day in one place;
  • all day buyers meet with suppliers in the format of individual negotiations.
negotiations with the buyers- it is not only the ability to speak without intermediaries with those who are directly interested in your products, but also the opportunity to immediately get feedback from your potential partners.

lucrative contracts.

A unique opportunity to hold direct talks with the representatives of industry and sign lucrative contracts.

effective advertising.

You will be able to demonstrate their products, increase their company reputation and marketing to achieve tangible results.


Вexhibition and talks - it is an effective tool to help boost sales at times!

new partners.

New business contacts and experience from other manufacturers, will only contribute to the strengthening and expansion of your business
Presentation of new products of all categories of retail construction.
Modern and comfortable space.
guaranteed participation in negotiations with the major retail chains.
Participation in seminars and round tables with the best experts in the country's retail network.
The most favorable conditions for participation.
Negotiations DIY
  • 40+ retailers
  • 5000 negotiations with buyers
  • 400 Signing a contract in 2016
  • 100 buyers on the target areas
  • 400 producers from 10 countries

guest network

quality certificate
  • increase in sales
    Marketing research shows that products with a "innovation in the production of" selling better by 34% than other products in the same category.
  • new partners
    It's a great opportunity to find a profitable partnership, because you have already confirmed their quality, the case remains for malym.
  • media sanctification
    learn about your brand millions, that is a great step to your advertising campaign.
  • participate
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